What programming language are your products written in?

A. Microsoft.NET 4.0.

  • VB.NET
  • C#.NET

What database does LSI programs use?

A. Microsoft SQL Server, delivering rich data analysis and data mining capabilities that integrate with familiar applications such as Microsoft Office, SQL Server 2008+ enables you to provide critical and timely business information tailored to specific information needs.

Can we use any RF scanners with LSI technology?

A. Only RF scanners that run Windows Mobile 6.0 can use our technology. We recommend Intermec RF scanners.

Can any barcode label printers be used with LSI technology?

A. Current printers supported are Zebra and Barcode Blaster. Printer drivers can be written for other printers at a cost.

Can iSupply Freight Management manage multiple freight carriers?

A. Yes, iSupply can manage an unlimited number of carriers through a combination of paper-based and electronic trading. Please click here for a full list of supported carriers.

Which retailers have accredited iSupply's scan pack/ASN technology?

A. Please click here for a full list of Retailer Accreditations.

Will iSupply also work in a 3PL environment?

A. Yes, it has a specialised central database that can manage multiple clients (senders) and multiple carriers from multiple locations.

Will iSupply work in a multiple warehouse/distribution centre environment?

A. Yes, iSupply's database has been constructed for a multiple warehouse environment and can be deployed over Microsoft's terminal emulation software - Terminal Services - allowing all client application execution, data processing, and data storage to occur on the server. Similarly Citrix is also supported.

Which ERP/WMS systems does iSupply have standard interfaces with?

A. Microsoft Dynamics, BPCS, Exceed, GFast, JD Edwards, GEAC, Manhattan Associates, MFG Pro, MasterPack, MomentumPro, Oracle, Peach Business Software, Jiwa.

Which EDI translators does iSupply work with?

A. All. However our preferred solution is EDI Plus which provides an internet based low cost connection to the EDI world.

Is iSupply a fully integrated solution?

A. Yes, iSupply is fully integrated WMS/Scan Pack/Freight Management/EDI Plus solution which can seamlessly connect to ERP and WMS applications to provide a fully automated business solution.